Eric Waldman

Web, Mobile & Interactive

November 10, 2016

Question:  For non-tech founders, what are your thoughts about outsourcing your product development? What are the challenges you faced and would you recommend it to a first time entrepreneur?

Answer:  The thing with outsourcing is that you're rolling the dice. Some outsourced projects succeed when you find a good freelancer/team, and others fail miserably because coders with no experience get brought in behind the client's back.

It's actually the same thing when you choose a technical partner. I have seen projects crash and burn because of an inexperienced CTO.

The thing with trying to save money with any software project is that you're inherently taking on additional risk. Risk that the software will be delayed, risk that there will be a misunderstanding, risk that the code will be expensive to build upon, risk that code may need to be rewritten, risk that they'll run away with your money...

Every dollar you save outsourcing is risk-adjusted. So do your homework, find a team you like and go for it.

Rather than outsource, I usually recommend slimming down the feature list to its essentials, which allows you to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. If that's something which interests you, give me a shout at and I can help you look into it.