Eric Waldman

Web, Mobile & Interactive
November 10, 2016

Question:  For non-tech founders, what are your thoughts about outsourcing your product development? What are the challenges you faced and would you recommend it to a first time entrepreneur? [ … Read more ]

November 5, 2016

Question:  I have an idea for an app that I'd like to work with a developer on building. My goal is to have something very simple, but then as the budget and possibilities reveal themselves, expand the capabilities of the app. So, I don't want the first iteration to have all the bells and whistles, more conceptual. [ … Read more ]

September 9, 2016

ParlAmericas has asked me to adapt the interactive map for the purposes of their upcoming board elections. We changed the colour to a zesty orange and the pins show off their board members' bios! Check it out on their site.

January 6, 2016

ParlAmericas has published their project Mapping Gender-Based Political Harassment and Violence in the Americas. I am grateful to have worked with them on designing and building an interactive experience to showcase their amazing work.

February 16, 2015

Today we launched Colby Monet's new website. We put together an amazing interactive company portrait which shows off the firm's lawyers and their areas of expertise.